Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cardstock Cutting Formula = Quicker Card Making


Hello there my fellow crafters!

I have come up with something to save the bug some money. I have been struggling with paper scraps for many, MANY, years now.  So while I was on a short getaway with the hubs, I came up with a plan of action to lower my scrap inventory.

This idea had been on my mind for a long time, I just didn’t know it. I knew I wanted something to help me, but the idea would not reveal itself until I was on a mini-break away from home.  I didn’t let a little ole thing like going out of town stop me from putting it down on paper.  So this is what I came up with…..ready for it?!?!

BAM!!! A Cardstock Cutting Formula!!!!!

Ok maybe not bam, but wow….as I have decided this is going to save me some money and stress in the future.  A friend of mine from Down Under (insert Rose’s blog), gently suggested to me that we need to work smarter and not harder.  And I agree, now I just need to make it so and not leave it in the air floating around.

What you have here, is the 5 most popular mat sizes, cut and ready to use…and less waste!!!! Now I realize this is super close to Connie Stewarts Flash Cards (including 2.0), which are fab!! I just wanted something a little larger, and a few more choices.

What I have done is cut up an 8 ½ x 11 piece of cardstock to create 5 mats, plus other pieces to use for matts, punching, die cutting, or stamping.  I don’t have a catchy name like Connie, sadly…but I hope to show in future posts, how to use these cuts on cards, scrapbooks, and other papercrafts.

Cutting Formula for 8 1/2 x 11 Cardstock


Check out my You Tube Video on how I cut the cardstock.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to create simply while having fun!

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  1. glad I found you and your blog. I make cards for a lot of the other seniors in my church,as there are a lot of us, so a card cheers them up. I love seeing new ideas. Thanks

    1. Oh thank you!! I am trying to blog more, it seems something is always coming up. I have the ideas just need to write them up.

  2. Denise, awesome idea!!! I get intimidated by all the card stock I have--hard to settle down and create. This helps so much. (Meakerbev)

  3. I understand about the lack of time to keep up with blogging. But, the card sketch with saving time and less waste on the 8.5 by 11 is a very lucky find for me. Thank you for sharing. i can't tell you how much i hate waste and love the concept of storage for a later date card. Thank you so much for making it simple and understandable for the lovers of card crafting.

  4. Hi, Denise. I wanted to print this template onto the full size card stock the first time but it is very blurry. In your video, you mentioned a pdf file. Would that be sharper? I love this idea and would like to teach it to two friends. kren dot kurts at gmail dot com

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  6. Hi from Sydney, Australia!
    Love this concept! Thanks for sharing.
    Where do I find the PDF file please?

  7. I came across your video on YouTube, again. 2nd time seeing your system. Loved it the 1st time, just more prevalent now. I'm actually working/playing with cards. Finding out, how it's not as easy to make for myself, what I was given by demos at a make/take class. Thanks much for your hard work. Even in a quiet motel rm, I would have gone crazy to even try to complete your wonderful system. Very valuable, one sheet wonder layout. Especially w/5 sizes that can all fit together. WOW. I'm still changing a corner of my family rm, from stacked mess of hoarding/boxes/etc. Into a craft corner. I can't stand not making cards while I organize. So I try to make one, on a lap/tv-tray, & get stuck w/sizes & layouts tripping me up. This will help me immensely. Now I will break, cut up different colors of CS. Then next break, I'll have the cut mats & actually create a card. This means more than I will ever be able to express in words. ������ My email has changed. Please reply to

  8. What a sharp mind you have!! Any thoughts on layouts for 12" X 12"s? I couldn't find the PDF either (low vision may be my problem), but for those of you interested... I clicked on "Print"; selected 300%; selected "Page Range: 14 to 14"; clicked on "Print". That gave me a copy of Denise's diagram that covers most of an 8 ½" X 11" piece of copy paper. Then, while watching her video once more, I notated on this copy, each of the cuts / moves she did to accomplish this. Now I'm trying to make a smaller one to put in my ½ sheet sized notebook (The bigger one I've put in with my paper stash for future reference!)

  9. Yep I instantly starting cutting my cardstock now I have matting ready and pieces to stamp sentiments and some for adding visual elements.. thank you

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  12. wow, great info ! thk u for sharing!