Stampin' Up! Compensation Plan

Quick Start 

Quick Start is a program designed for new demonstrators to help you develop consistency in sales and to earn rewards. The Quick Start period begins on the first day of the month after the month you officially became a demonstrator* and ends on the last day of the sixth full month.

Title Requirements

When you sign up as a demonstrator, you receive the entry level title of Bronze. Title advancements are calculated at the end of each month. A title advancement is when you achieve a title you have not held previously. If you advance to a new title, but at the end of the Stampin' Up! year you are no longer meeting all the requirements for that title, you will drop to a lower title. This is called retitlement. To avoid being retitled, you need to meet all your current title requirements by September 30 each year. You can always regain your title. This is called a reinstatement. Like a title advancement, you can be reinstated to a title you previously held at the end of each month by meeting all the requirements for that title.

Levels 1 - 3

Every leader has 3 levels of on their team.  Each person you sign up becomes a part 
of your first level.  Each person they sign up becomes a part of your second level, 
and their recruits become your third level. 

Team Commission

You can earn additional income from the sales of your team through team commissions. Team commissions reward uplines for building, supporting, and mentoring their team. Not only can you receive a percentage of the commissionable sales from your direct level demonstrators, you can also receive a percentage of the sales from your second and third levels.

Performance Bonuses

A performance bonus is a cash bonus that is awarded to any demonstrator who meets a predefined goal. There is no limit on the number of demonstrators who can earn a performance bonus — 
each demonstrator who qualifies in a category will receive the bonus. Each demonstrator can 
earn a bonus based on their performance alone; each demonstrator's performance is not 
compared with that of other demonstrators.

There is more detailed information on the Demonstrator website, once you join Stampin' Up! you will have access to this and so much more.

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